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We will introduce workplaces where engineers can actively work and be highly evaluated regardless of nationality.

We respect you, who are working in a foreign country or who are working in Japan as a bilingual staff.
We believe Japan needs to recognize diversity and evaluate the ability of a worker regardless of nationality or sex.
Therefore, it is our mission to introduce companies where a man/woman of ability is correctly evaluated regardless of their nationalities whether they are foreign-affiliated or domestic companies.

Why Choose Us 1

Many job offers, welcoming foreign nationalities and bilinguals

More than 1,500 job offers are registered, and the number of jobs we can introduce is increasing. We introduce new job offers to those who contacted us before.

Currently, the number of nationalities of registered users is 78 or more. We, Arigato Work, is supported by people from various countries including Asian, European, and American countries.

First of all, do membership registration! We will shortly introduce a company suitable for you. You can work with confidence there.

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Specific to job offers for engineers and PMs

We are specialized in jobs for engineers and project managers as well.

Major Occupations Introduced by Us
  • IT engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Electric engineer
  • Architect/civil engineer
  • Construction manager
  • Project manager
  • Sales position
Example of job offers, welcoming foreign nationalities and bilinguals
  • Back-end engineer using Java
  • Front-end engineer using react.js and vue.js
  • Machine learning engineer working on image processing by using Python (PyTorch)
  • Project manager of natural language processing
  • SAP consultant
  • Electric engineer for EV cars
  • Field engineer for power generation plants
  • Construction management engineer for overseas plants
  • QA engineer for automobiles (quality control)
  • Machine design engineer for car bodies
  • Machine design engineer for medical instrument
  • Video and audio engineer
  • 3D modeler using Unreal Engine
  • Construction management for a large shopping mall
  • 3D CAD operator

When you have completed membership registration, you will find many job offers suitable for you.

Why Choose Us 3

Many premium non-disclosed job offers from foreign-affiliated and domestic companies

Non-disclosed job offers are included in registered offers. As contents of job offer may enable competitors to guess a product a company is going to develop, we understand candidates’ skills and screen them.

Examples of major non-disclosed job offers
  • Many companies selected into Fortune Global 500
  • French consulting company
  • One of the four largest international accounting and professional services firms (Big 4)
  • Large automaker in Japan
  • Chinese leading Sler company
  • Chinese leading consumer electronics manufacturer
  • American leading advertising agency
  • Indian leading IT company
  • Vietnamese IT company
  • German auto-related manufacturer
  • Unicorn companies in Japan
  • Foreign-affiliated start-up company

If you want to get non-disclosed job offers, please click here to complete membership registration.

Why Choose Us 4

Record of salary increase by 38 % at most

Some job seekers, who used our service, increased their salaries by 38 % more than those in their previous jobs.

More Japanese companies as well as foreign-affiliated companies evaluate workers’ skills regardless of nationalities.

After membership registration, we will support you in finding a company, which correctly evaluates your skill.

Why Choose Us 5

Experienced job change supports for more than 2,000 engineers, who have foreign nationalities or are bilingual

We have supported job changes for more than 2,000 engineers, who have foreign nationalities or are bilingual.
From the experience, we know how to carefully select companies, which sincerely aim at building good teams regardless of nationalities.

In addition, many job seekers have similar types of troubles.

  • Some look for a company where they can apply for a position without any JLPT level.
  • Some prefer an environment where they can speak English to the one where only Japanese is used. (A global environment is better.)
  • In contrast, some engineers, who are working in an only-English environment, want to move to an environment where Japanese is used as well as English to improve their Japanese ability.
  • Some want to increase their salaries.
  • Some are aiming at career advancement in a new project.

Please do membership registration now. We will help job seekers solve their variety of troubles and fulfill their hopes.