Our successful candidates stories Success story

IT engineer

in 30s / male / Vietnam

4.5M yen → 5.8M yen

I was able to change from a Vietnamese capital company in Japan to a Japanese capital company. My experience as a bridge engineer was highly valued and I was able to increase my salary.

IT engineer

in 30s / female / China

6.2M yen → 7.2M yen

As a java engineer, I worked on a wide range of projects from customer negotiation to development. I was able to move to a major Sier company in China.

IT engineer

in 30s / female / Myanmar

Moved from a temporary staffing agency to an automobile manufacturer

I used several recruitment agents, but "araigato work" introduced me to a job at an automobile manufacturer that I had not been introduced to at any other company.

IT engineer

in 40s / male / マレーシア

My salary increased 36% with my new job.

I was able to change jobs from a Japanese business firm to a major U.S. consulting firm.

IT engineer

in 20s / female / インドネシア

Successfully moved to a workplace that allows full remote work.

Due to family reasons, I will be returning to my home country for about 3 months. Even under such circumstances, "Arigato work" helped me find a new job. It was great to find a company that would allow me to work full remote in my home country.

Mechanical engineer

in 20s / male / 日本人

I was able to change jobs to a foreign company.

Although I have no practical English experience, I studied and acquired English skills on my own. "Arigato work"introduced me to a foreign company that did not require much English ability, and I was able to successfully change jobs.

Civil engineer

in 30s / male / Bangladesh

Moved from a company with only one foreigner to a multinational company

After graduating from a Japanese university, I went straight to work for a Japanese company as a civil engineer. Although I was working only in Japanese, I was able to change jobs to a multinational company.