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About Us We are completely free job searching service for all types of engineers
from IT to mechanical, electrical, architectural and more.

We can offer you jobs where you can
demonstrate your abilities and skills to the fullest

We specialize in quality openings in IT,
mechanical and electrical engineering,
construction and civil engineering,
and various types of PMs,
we also do have non-tech openings as well.

All of our jobs are carefully selected for each candidates and we also have a track record of up to 38% increase of salary raise. *

*Based on our service results of FY2021

We have many confidential job openings that are rarely handled by other agents,
inlcuding major domestic and overseas companies and unicorn companies etc*

*automobile manufacturers, major EU consulting companies, major Chinese system integrators, MNCs etc

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Our mission is to introducing high quality job openings for engineers of all nationalities can work and use their full potential.

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We have strong connections with global MNCs and Japanese companies
and specialize in helping bilingual engineers for their job hunt in Japan.

If you want to work for the latest technology company by utilizing your technical skills, register at ARIGATO-WORK now!

*Our results from FY2021


From registration to offer in 2 weeks in shortest!

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After simple registration, one of our staff will be in touch with you within 2 business days.
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Please have a casual interview with us for a 15-30 minute Zoom interview to discuss your job requirements, priority, everything related to your job hunting!
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Our experienced staff will introduce you to the best job opportunities
*We have a lot of job-offering information not posted in services of other companies.
Job application and interview
We will support you throughout the process, from applying to scheduling interviews and offer meetings
Offer / Joining new company
We will follow up with you after you join your new company for seamless onboarding as well.
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We support you

K.J - Japanese and English

We have supported our candidates to increase their annual income during the pandemic by offering support to leverage their strength.

N.A - Mongolian, Chinese, and Japanese

Based on my own experience as a foreigner, I will support your job hunt in Japan!

H.K - Korean, English, and Japanese

We strive to propose the best job opening out there for you!

Success story

Our successful candidates stories

IT engineer

Vietnamese man in his 30s

I was able to get an offer from a company in a month. I see myself accumulate a lot of knowledge and experiencein my next company.

I have gained experience as an engineer in my home country, but I wanted to change jobs in Japan, which I had been interested in for a long time, in order to advance my career.
The staff at Arigato-Work kindly supported my job hunting so I was able to find a rewarding job sooner than I had expected without any concerns.

Electrical Engineer

Taiwan, male, 40s

I wanted to work for a MNC and robotics-related company.

I wanted to work for a MNC and robotics-related company.

Arigato Work shared about the companies' diversity when they were proposing an opening for me.
It was helpful for me to make a decision when accepting an offer.
I was also impressed the fact that they had quite number of openings at consulting firms including Big 4.
Overall I had a positive experience with Arigato Work as I have gotten an offer from a robotics related company
which was my initial reason to look for change in Japan.

IT engineer

Indonesia, female, 30s

My salary increased from 5.1 M yen to 6.8 M yen.

I have been working at a Japanese company's branch in my home country.
Although I have been working over 3+ years, my salary was not increasing so I started to consider getting a new job.
I was in contact with many different agencies and was referred a lot of jobs at foreign companies, but my dream was to work in Japan because I love Japanese culture.
When Arigato Work shared a job opening for me at a famous Japanese company,I was really excited.
I could use my language skills and also my technical skills to be Bridge Engineer.
In the end, I'm happy with my job change thanks to Arigato Work.